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Chinese Detox Stick (20pcs)
Chinese Detox Stick (20pcs)
Chinese Detox Stick (20pcs)
Chinese Detox Stick (20pcs)

Chinese Detox Stick (20pcs)

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Moxibustion traditionally have been used in the treatment of diabetes to reduce blood glucose levels and normalize endocrine function. Clinical and experimental studies have demonstrated that Moxibustion treats the complex of Diabetes symptoms, as shown in several improvement in clinical factors:

  • Insulin Sensitivity Index (ISI)
  • Fasting Insulin (FINS)
  • Fasting Leptin (FLP)
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Total cholesterol

Studies have shown that Moxibustion has a beneficial effect on lowering serum glucose levels which helps control Diabetes symptoms. Chinese Detox Stick is a safe and effective thermal therapy utilizes the burning of Dried Mugwort on the body to infuse the herbal essence into the deep tissues. It helps to ease the diabetic symptoms through the increased peripheral arterial blood flow and microvascular permeability.


  • Significant effects on glycemic control
  • Relieves symptoms of heartburnnauseavomitingbloating
  • Improves the functioning of insulin
  • Reduces muscle fatigue & boosts circulation
  • Prevents abnormal weight loss/ gain


  • Main Ingredients: Aged dried mugwort


  1. Peel the protective film
  2. Burn the end of incense stick
  3. Stick on the body part where necessary
  4. Remove after it finishes burning and cools off.

Sides of Stomach - Improves the functioning of insulin

Sides of Lower Spinal Cords - Remedies heartburnnauseavomiting & bloating

Package Includes:

  • 20pcs X Chinese Detox Stick