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Rapid Wire Twister

Rapid Wire Twister

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Swiftly peel, twist & wrap electrical wires like a pro with our Rapid wire twister.It is easy to operate just attach it to a power drill and quickly have that perfect stripping line and precise twist wire wrap!Work with ease by saving you from repetitive works of twisting and striping while preventing your fingers from soreness and cramping. Save time & increases productivity!


  • Connect 2-5 wires at the same time
  • Sharp Stripping line & edge
    It easily Cuts and peels wires.
  • Improve work efficiency 
    The stripping twisting tool works with electric drills, and the wire twisting tool can twist and wrap the wire at the same time; It can help increase productivity, prevent finger soreness and reduce the fatigue
  • High-Quality Material
    This Wire Twisting Tool is made of high-quality High-Speed ​​Steel and Stainless Steel material, process with high-temperature quenching, has high hardness, high wear resistance and strong heat resistance,anti-corrosion and anti-rust, sturdy and durability for long service life.



  • Material: Steel
  • Suitable for Power Drill Driver
  • Material:Steel


  • Rapid wire twister