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Snake Venom Eye Cream
Snake Venom Eye Cream
Snake Venom Eye Cream
Snake Venom Eye Cream
Snake Venom Eye Cream
Snake Venom Eye Cream
Snake Venom Eye Cream

Snake Venom Eye Cream

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Multi-action formula with moisturizing agents ready to combat all-eye area problems from dark circles, wrinkles, eye bags, puffiness & crow’s feet, introducing the all-new Snake Venom Eye Cream.It contains Syn-akemarine collagen & the completely weightless formula de-puffs and forms a protective breathable barrier to boost skin elasticity and firmness.Fast and easy to apply in just a matter of 60 seconds you can see the results. Lift and resurface your eye-area, brighten up and eliminate dark circles & have that young-looking skin!


Visible Results
Watch your undereye bags disappear within the 60s of application. The serum quickly corrects dark circles for a brighter, more even look.
Intensive Repair
Effectively penetrates deep into the eye muscles, repairs damaged skin, dilutes dark circles, tightens eye muscles, fights against wrinkles, etc.
Rejunevates & Restore 
Moisturizes and hydrates dry under-eye skin while fighting signs of aging. Forms a 24-hour invisible but breathable microlayer to re-energize your skin.
Perfect  Primer
Deeply hydrating and blending smoothly with foundation, perfect for retouching and brightening the delicate areas under your eyes.
Hypo-allergenic & Safe
Formulated with natural ingredients that contain no fillers, harmful fragrances, dyes or parabens.


  • Net Weight: 30 g
  • Shelf Life: 3 years
  • Ingredients: Water, butanediol, glycidol, allantoin, purslane extract, & hyaluronic acid


  • Snake Venom Eye Cream